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18 Dec 2014

For centuries, cannabises are used to cure a number of illnesses. A variety of cannabises are legally grown in many parts of the world. It is the most effective herb with very few or absolutely no side effects. Hemp oil derived from cannabis stack is used to cure critical illnesses like cancer.

Main health benefits of using cannabis:

  • Slows down the progress of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Reduces anxiety and depression
  • Eliminates immense pains tolerated by Arthritis patients
  • Prevents spreading of cancer cells
  • Helps in reducing pressure affecting eye balls, and thereby improving your vision
  • Reduces Sclerosis pain
  • Improves function of lungs
  • Prevents occurring of nausea
  • Cures Parkinson’s disease

To break down this kind of useful herbs and to make fine powder of it for further usage, can be easily done with the help of a device called herb grinder. You could buy a top quality herb grinders from reputed online vendors like this site.

The herb grinder is totally different appliance than your usual juicer or blender. It has similar mechanism, but a little less complicated. It is cylindrical in shape which has sharp pegs or teeth to grind the herbs. Today, you will get many kinds of grinders with little difference in their mechanism and size.

Plus point of herb grinder:

  • The best part of using herb grinder is that it stores keif. Keif or fine powder of marijuana has stronger qualities than the weed itself.
  • It is quite cost effective, as there is no need to pay for the expensive weed powder or keif available at the medicinal shops.
  • They are made of durable and hygienic materials such as wood, plastic acrylic and metal.
  • They differ in shapes, chambers, sharp pegs and design. Therefore, you have many options to choose from at retail or online store.
  • Mode of operation is quite simple and includes electric, bullet or rotary.
  • All of the models can operate without any help from external source. It has a storage container with magnetic locks to prevent spilling of the powdered material.
  • They are quite safe to use and work smoothly. They are also shock resistant.
  • You can even grind the herb for smoking and vaping.

Here are some best herb blenders popular in market:

  • Leaf grinder: Its improved features help in grinding within few seconds. It is mainly used in laboratories and in homes. It is hygienic to use and is approved by the food and safety authorities.
  • Duo herb blender: Its special feature is that it has two different types of teeth, spread teeth and the solid ones. They help in crushing all kind of herbs and pollens irrespective of their sizes. Therefore, it is popular among chefs.

These grinders are made with different material and they are:

Metal cannabis blender: It is highly popular because of its useful qualities. It comes with two or three chambers for different purposes. It has a storage container at the base to collect the keif. It is little costly, but worth your money.

Plastic weed crusher: It is cost effective and easy to operate. It doesn’t have any storage container like metal herb crusher. People prefer to buy this crusher, as it is easy to clean. It is best option to buy when you require large quantity of herbs to be grinded in short time.

Wooden herb grinder: Mostly preferred by home makers. It is quite useful when you need to crush small amount of weeds or herbs.

Electric herb blender: It is an advanced tool which is little expensive, but quite simple to operate. You just have to switch on the button and in few seconds the herbs will be crushed.


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